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A picture is worth
a thousand words,

What does the quality of your photographs say about your brand and level of service?

I don’t only take pretty pictures, I will have your photos tell stories. They are supposed to do that for you when you can’t tell the story face-to-face yourself.

We know it’s getting more and more difficult out  there, stand out from your competition with captivating photography.

Real Estate Photography

Hotels & Hospitality Photography

Architecture & Design Photography

Retail & Commercial Photography

Why choose me
as your Professional Photographer?

My crazy Understanding of Taking Pictures that sells

I create crystal clear images that highlights the best selling points, the amenities and the design of each property.  I also come from a strong marketing and sales background, I get digital selling and how to take photos to sell every scene.

My Communication skills and processes are amazing

The key to any successfull opperation is the peace of mind that effective communication and processes bring. I will keep you informed every step of the way, what is happening when and where, and who will be involved. I respect time, yours and mine.

My Streamlined and predictable workflow

My workflow is set and predictable, which makes it very efficient. From early stage, pre-shoot planning to quality control and final delivery. My goal is to deliver a predictable result and quality everytime offering you the highest standards available on the market.

My amazing photography gear and software

Camera Body: Canon
Lenses: Canon and Stigma
Software: Adobe Lightroom 2020, Adobe Photoshop 2020, Adobe Bridge 2020, Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, Adobe Creative Cloud.
PC: 20 Gig Ram, i7 8th Gen, Multi-Screen Beast Machine

My full range of
Real Estate Photography and Marketing Services

I tell the story that makes you money.
Photos are pictures, pictures creates dreams.

My services are designed to make you look good, make your property look great and get your listing noticed.

My extensive digital marketing background  combined with my understanding of Online Psychology and behaviour plus my passion for architecture and design allows me to have a unique perspective and understanding on how to position every property and how to maximise every listing.

It all starts with differentiating yourself.

Real Estate Photography

Love at first Photo!

Make a great first impression with stunning photos of your property, you will get more clicks, and you will get more enquiries, and that leads to a quicker close. Simple.

As a story teller, my photographs will capture the essence of every room of the listing, giving the client a feeling of what it will be like living there.

Cinematic Videotography

Telling the story in Full HD.

A video gives you the ability to feature your listing 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Give your client a walk through before they walk in the first time, capture their attention for longer with a quality HD video.

Additional benefit, impress your seller with your effort to sell their home and get more referrals from them!

Aerial Imaging and Videos

From a birds-eye view and beyond!

Aerial Images and video delivers an unbelievable edge to any new listing and can revive a stagnant listing in an unprecedented way.

Give your prospective client a birds-eye view and show them the bigger picture seeing all of the home and the exterior fixtures in a whole new way.

Branding and Marketing Services

Rise above all the noise!

Potential clients look at many homes before they make contact, and many homes start blending together. 

Stand out with quality marketing collateral, from brochure layouts to mini-websites to a well planned marketing and outreach campaign.

Stand out and close more listings, faster.

Sell your listing faster, hire me.


I still believe in good old communication.
Make Contact

I love chatting to new people.

If you need to enliven an old listing, get quality collateral for a new listing or want to chat about my services, please complete the form.

I will schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss the first points on getting started.

Kindest, Albert!

6 + 15 =

Ok, Ok, My Rates.


3 Bedroom Listing
(up to 15 photos)            R 2500


4 Bedroom Listing
(up to 30 photos)          R 3500


5 Bedroom Listing
(up to 45 photos)          R 4500


5+ Bedroom Listing
(up to 75 photos)          R 6500


Virtual Staging
(per room/photo)          R  700


Virtual Twilighting
(per photo)          R  700

All Images are shot, edited and optimised to accentuate the value of every room.

I help create the “how it must feel to live here” feeling and will supply you with 2 different sizes of photos, both in Ultra High Def and easy to distribute.

Cinematic Video Services

3 Bedroom Listing       R 3500


4 Bedroom Listing      R 4500


5 Bedroom Listing       R 5500


5+ Bedroom Listing     R 7500


Agent Interview            R  1500

Video is the best digital sales agent, quality video makes you even better and stand out even more from your competition.

Impress your client with the feel of the property prior to even stepping foot in the newly listed dream home.

Aerial Photo and Video Services

Aerial Photography      R 3500

Aerial Video                    R 4500

Photo + Video                R 5500

Twighlight Shoot     (+ R 1500)

Sometimes only height and distance can have the real impact needs to showcase some of those fantastic external features and fixtures.

Branding & Marketing

Brochure Layout          R   1500

Flyer Layout                   R    995

Mini Website                  R 2500
includes custom domain name

Full Campaign        R  15 000
(40% Discount)
Up to 75 Photos
Cinematic Video
Agent Interview Video
Aerial Photos and Video
Digital Brochure
Digital Flyer

Mini Website


Where the fat is at, quality and well thought-out marketing colateral will close listings faster, allows for higher price points and saves you a whole lot of time.


Differentiate yourself, rise from the noise and make more money.


Mentor and Coach, Photographer, Nerd, Geek, Blues & Chocolate Lover and Foodie.

"What we do for ourselves dies with us - what we do for others remains and is immortal" Albert Pike

Real Estate Photographer South Africa
Real Estate Photographer, Professional Real Estate Photographer
Real Estate Photographer
Real Estate Photographer
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